Cats And Dolls


Steven Monster is a pretty laid back cat, at least when he's sleepy.  As a result, I can't resist the urge to prop up my dolls against him when I am in the mood to fiddle with our cameras.

I wanted to get a good shot of the cute sloth print t-shirt I purchased from Dollheimr on Etsy.  Steven Monster happened to be laying in one of his many "usual" spots, so he got drafted to participate.  :)

The shirt is a perfect fit on my Bambicrony Lottie doll, Sofia.  I did have to remove her head to get the shirt on, but fortunately that is an easy thing to do with this BJD.

The seller is in France, so the journey across the ocean takes about two weeks, but as you can see it is well worth the wait!


Knitting Experiment: Woodland Hoodlet For A Doll

I recently purchased a pattern I've had my eye on for at least two years, Tiny Owl Knits Woodland Hoodlet.  It looks a lot more complicated and time consuming than it turns out to be.  Thanks to a very well written pattern, I've already whipped through 2/3 of an adult version (which I can't preview since it's an Xmas surprise for someone!).

I also decided to try it in a smaller scale.  I went with size 4 US needles, and am using a super fine weight yarn held double, Loops and Threads Woolike Simili-Laine in Tan (which really looks more like dark cream to me).  It's a tight spun yarn, and additionally is acrylic and nylon, so there's no drape here like in the adult version that uses super bulky yarn on size 15 US needles.  However, the cables and bobbles really stand out as a result, and on a doll I think this tighter fabric will work well.  The yarn is also very soft to the touch, and has a squish factor I really like working with.  

For this pattern you do need to be at least an intrepid beginner so all the cables, bobbles and a provisional cast on don't make you run screaming for the hills.  But if you know how to cable, can do a provisional cast on (whatever is your favorite method), and can make a bobble, you will find this flies off the needles.  If I sat down and dedicated my time to this, I could easily make one of these in a knit-filled weekend.

The only adjustment I made to the pattern, both the adult size and this doll size, is how I made the bobble.  Instead of slipping the four stitches from the right needle to the left, I instead turned my work, purled those four stitches, and continued on.  It's a methodology difference, and my way just turned out a better bobble for me.  :)  

Otherwise, take the pattern one row at a time, make sure you use a Post It or something similar to keep you focused on the correct row, and make a note of the row you stopped at whenever you walk away (especially if you have cats, and/or have fans going in summertime heat, that may move that Post It note!).  

This pattern is well worth the roughly $6 price tag.  (And the HopsALot slippers are pretty awesome, too, as I know from making a pair of those previously.)

After I finish this doll size, which should fit a 1/3 BJD (roughly 20-23 inches tall) perfectly, I am going to go down a couple needle sizes, work with just one strand of this yarn, and see if I can get a 16 inch fashion doll, and/or 10-12" doll like Tonner's Patsy (or my Bambicrony Lottie BJD) sized hoodlet.  I am also hoping to get a 12" fashion doll sized, as well, but I may just be talking crazy.  Or more likely will be crazy by the time I finish that size...  :D

Starting out...  You can see the provisional cast on at the start.

Starting out...  You can see the provisional cast on at the start.

Good progress. Front has been completed, and I've just started the back.  The most complicated part with all the cables and bobbles is already done, so the rest should be really quick!

Good progress. Front has been completed, and I've just started the back.  The most complicated part with all the cables and bobbles is already done, so the rest should be really quick!

Photo Update Just Because

Well, a photo update just because it's been a long time since I've updated here, period.  :D

I've been knitting, sewing, and just trying to keep ahead of the dishes, among other regular lifely duties.  While the dishes still have more in the win column than I do, I at least have the crafts to relax with.

Here is a quick pick of a striped knitted cowl modelled by Barefoot In The Park, The Bratter Lover's Poppy Parker.


New Dolls (And Their Colorful Dresses) Nearly Ready!

This month has flown by, and I have not had as much sewing time as I thought I would.  I have been able to do quite a bit more than I have been over the last few years, but I've been sidetracked by things like my clutter filled house, and specifically my clutter filled home office.

So while I haven't been able to do the marathon hours of crafting I'd envisioned, I am very happy with what I'm making.  I have some new Binky Boos ready to list, and also eight Pocket Poppet dolls nearly done.  I've decided to go in a little different direction with the Etsy store and these dolls.  I'm going to make new dolls with a simple dress and shoes, and then offer outfits separately.  That way folks who just want the doll can save a few dollars, and those who want the doll and several outfits (maybe for a lovely Valentine's Day gift or Easter basket!) can pick the "base" doll they like, and not worry if another doll has that perfect outfit.

We'll see how that works out.  :D

I also have taken on two custom orders, which I told myself I would never be interested in doing.  However, both are I believe within my skill set (most important to me), and are also fun (just as important).  One is a custom set of Pocket Fox dolls for someone's upcoming wedding vow renewal ceremony this year.  The other is interpreting a character from an independent author's children's book.  So those are also distracting me a little bit, but in a very good way.

In the meantime, here are pics of the eight Pocket Poppets who are still patiently awaiting shoes, and then final photos for Etsy.

 I stocked up on some different colors of LIon Brand Homespun yarn, which I love using for doll hair.

And finally, a shot of all the dolls, and one of my "helpful" kitties supervising.  :D