Binky Boo And The Giant Cupcake

Here's a new Binky Boo Kitty, posing next to an awesome felt cupcake made by Fake A Cake.

Since Facebook is messing with business/public pages' ability to post photos, either to their own timeline, or to other public pages to share, looks like my website will start getting busier.  :D

New Dolls (And Their Colorful Dresses) Nearly Ready!

This month has flown by, and I have not had as much sewing time as I thought I would.  I have been able to do quite a bit more than I have been over the last few years, but I've been sidetracked by things like my clutter filled house, and specifically my clutter filled home office.

So while I haven't been able to do the marathon hours of crafting I'd envisioned, I am very happy with what I'm making.  I have some new Binky Boos ready to list, and also eight Pocket Poppet dolls nearly done.  I've decided to go in a little different direction with the Etsy store and these dolls.  I'm going to make new dolls with a simple dress and shoes, and then offer outfits separately.  That way folks who just want the doll can save a few dollars, and those who want the doll and several outfits (maybe for a lovely Valentine's Day gift or Easter basket!) can pick the "base" doll they like, and not worry if another doll has that perfect outfit.

We'll see how that works out.  :D

I also have taken on two custom orders, which I told myself I would never be interested in doing.  However, both are I believe within my skill set (most important to me), and are also fun (just as important).  One is a custom set of Pocket Fox dolls for someone's upcoming wedding vow renewal ceremony this year.  The other is interpreting a character from an independent author's children's book.  So those are also distracting me a little bit, but in a very good way.

In the meantime, here are pics of the eight Pocket Poppets who are still patiently awaiting shoes, and then final photos for Etsy.

 I stocked up on some different colors of LIon Brand Homespun yarn, which I love using for doll hair.

And finally, a shot of all the dolls, and one of my "helpful" kitties supervising.  :D

Preparing For The Holiday Rush!

The craft bazaar I signed up for is right around the corner, and naturally I am nowhere near my goal of completed items for it.  But, something that has been taking up at least 2-3 hours of my time every evening for several years has finally been taken off my plate, and I can now use my evenings to sew and knit.  This just wrapped up last week, so I'm still in a bit of shock, but I did a lot of sewing this weekend, so I think I can get into the proper swing of things pretty quick.  :D

In the meantime, I did complete two ponies, and four Pocket Foxes.  I'll be listing half on eBay, but the other half is getting set aside for that bazaar.  

And I already have six little dolls ready for wardrobes, and another four Binky Boos cut out and ready to sew up.  I have a little less than three weeks to get ready now, but I like to think I work well under pressure.  At least when it's something I enjoy doing.  :D

Some New Dolls Completed Over The Weekend!

With the holidays looming, and my decision that I needed to try a craft bazaar again this December (after nearly a decade of avoiding the stress), I finally got back into the swing of sewing this weekend.  Plus, I actually had a few things caught up that actually gave me time to sew, but I'll still count it as a win in the "initiative" column.  :D