Fashionable Figures

A little perspective

Let me clarify one thing right away.

I myself am not very fashionable.  I dress in jeans and t-shirt most days.  I can't stand, let alone walk, in high heels.  My hair gets cut, but not styled, and then maybe twice a year when I get tired of it getting in my eyes.  The most fashionable accessory I own is my purse, but I only bought it because it holds about the same volume as Mary Poppin's bag. 

I read a lot of fashion magazines.  I'm fairly familiar with the big names, and even have my favorites (as long as their designs are being modelled by someone else).  I love clean lines, elegance in simplicity, the occasional frilly detail, and have a weak spot for the perfect shade of pink.

But I will never be the person to wear such things. 

Besides not having the figure to do a fabulous outfit credit, I just don't have the disposable income to drop $200 or more on a simple tailored blouse, even knowing it could last me for decades. 

But scaled down to doll size, now we're talking.

I have several dolls, including an adorable Bambicrony Lotti, Wilde Imagination Evangeline and Parnilla dolls, a Puki Puki Flora, and several Tonner dolls.  There are others, but I'd prefer not to acknowledge how deep my addiction to doll collecting may be.

These dolls are lovely, and deserve lovely fashions and accessories.  They tell me as much. 

While my family and friends wonder when I will get myself some therapy to keep the dolls from telling me other things, I ponder and purchase fabrics and trims that in small scale are much more affordable.  The next steps are to decide what to make, and to find the time to make it.

I also get easily distracted by knitting projects, and sewing little felt dolls.

It has been several years since I started sewing for dolls.  It's also been several years since I felt the need to sew outfits for sale.  This is going to be a small scale venture for me, but an exciting one, as I flex my sewing skills, and develop my design skills.

Mostly I just want an excuse to play with my dolls some more...