Tonner's Basic Patsy #4 Auburn Doll Has Arrived!

I kept my dignity when the UPS driver arrived late this afternoon, mostly because I was still working when the driver pulled up, and my hubby received the package.  I still kept my dignity when my hubby brought the doll into my home office.  I kept my inner kid's jumping in excitement all internal.  I didn't even pull a muscle from the effort that took.  :D

I already have a Tonner Patsy, the 2013 New Year doll.  I adore her.  But she has a different personality than the new Patsy Basic #4.  It's mostly in the eyebrows, but their makeup palettes are slightly different, and their wigs make them look like cousins, rather than identical twins.

Basic #4 comes in a short bob wig (mine is auburn) with a white hair bow.  She has a pink outfit consisting of a tank top and bloomers.  The tank top closes with snaps in the back.  She also has socks, and little shoes with straps and tiny seed bead buttons.  The shoes come on and off easily, but I think the tiny buttonhole will quickly wear if I choose to swap her shoes frequently.

Basic #4's wig is definitely glued to her head securely, where New Year Patsy's wig, although listed as being glued, came as if she were designed to easily swap wigs.  The little auburn bob style gives her a young appearance, while New Year's long curls make her look a little older.

I may want to swap Basic #4's wig eventually, and when I do it will take me patience and work to get free.  However, in the meantime I'll not have to worry about her wig slipping on her head just when I get her in the perfect pose!

I compared Basic #4 to Ann Estelle, and to my Bambicrony Lottie dolls.  Basic #4 stands about ten inches tall, roughly the same as Ann Estelle and the BJD Bambicroy Lottie.

You can also see that the skin tones between the two Patsy dolls are slightly different, even though both are listed to have the "cameo" skin tone.  It's barely noticeable, but Basic #4 is just a shade darker in skin tone. 

Basic #4 also has a slightly worried look, compared to New Year's more optimistic eyebrown arch.  Both are still extremely sweet, but definitely have different personalities as a result.  New Year seems more confident, and maybe even a little more mature. 

Both of their eyes are inset, and have a green hazel tone.  I definitely love Basic #4's eyes with her hair color!

Basic #4's knee joints also give her extra posing options.  I hope we will one day see a child doll like this with elbow joints, as well, because there's only so many poses you can put her in with stiff arms, but those knee joints are flexible!  Look at her pose!

For the base price of $89.99, Patsy Basic #4 is worth every penny.  If you have the funds, I recommend you snap one up now while they are still in stock.  Once they sell out, the eBay prices are going to sky rocket.

Patsy can easily swap clothes with Ann Estelle.  With the BJD Bambicrony Lottie doll, the swap will be trickier, because the BJD is skinnier.  But props like furniture will definitely work for all.  This is a great size to work with, being big enough to find props and make clothing without too much trouble or cost (unless you choose to go all out), but not so big that you can't display them on a bookshelf. 

Be sure to check out my gallery, which has a lot more pictures!