Tonner Antoinette-Instagram Style

There's something about Tonner's Antoinette dolls.  At first I didn't really like them, being used to larger eyes, nearly anime in style.  But the more I saw her, and all the variations, the more I wanted one.  Especially as I saw so many lovely photographs of other doll owners, and saw how much her personality changed with each outfit and each pose.  And the poseability!  She competes with Horsman's My Valentine in that respect.  She can sit and almost perfectly cross her legs without falling over, or looking ridiculous.

I finally managed to snag my own Antoinette a few months back on eBay.  I'm not sure of the year, but I know she is definitely an earlier model, maybe even one of the first year's production.  She has lovely wheat blonde hair that reaches her waist.  Her eyes are a soft blue, and the makeup palette beautiful matte tones.  She's dramatic, but not trampy.

I still need to sew up some proper outfits for her, so for now my photos are limited to closeups of the lovely face that took years to grow on me.

I'm late to the Instagram party, so make fun all you want.  I'm having a blast with it like a "new to me" toy!