Cashmere Hoodie Makes For Happy Dolls

I've busied myself with knitting up doll sized sweaters this last week during every spare moment.  I found a couple of great free patterns that only took a bit of tweaking to fit Tonner 16" dolls, including my lovely Tonner Club Jane repaint by PepStar, and my Amber doll from the Ellowyne Wilde collection.

I am thrilled with the results and can't easily pull myself away from my knitting needles to go to work or do any of the necessary chores of life and living. Especially since I'm using the luscious recycled cashmere yarns from Penelope's Fine Yarns!  This particular hoodie is made from her Curry reclaimed yarn, with a touch of a mink brown at the cuffs and lower hem.

The pattern for the hoodie is found here at Undermost Salamander's site. It is extremely well written and easy to follow.  I tweaked the fit on the sleeves just a bit, adding four stitches at the armhole caston, but otherwise the pattern intended for a slim fit BJD like a Miniefee, in laceweight it fit Tonner's 16" doll just about perfectly!

As I went on to my next project, I found it less complicated than I expected to knit up a sweater with a custom and tailored fit, so I will definitely be making a lot more knit wear for dolls. It's a lot less daunting than knitting a full sized sweater for myself!

And the dolls stay happy.  Happy dolls are important. Unhappy dolls are unnerving, even to concerned friends and family who don't hear what I hear...