More Wee Dragons!

Because this pattern is so much fun to make up, here are three more done up.  I made up two others, but they already found homes before I posted pics of them here.

It's not quite an army yet, but I do get the impression these dragons are in the planning stages...  :D

These will be up for sale in my Etsy store very soon.  Watch for some sales and promos coming up soon, especially as we approach my favorite holiday of the year, Easter.  (Long story, but it boils down to my parents let me believe in the Easter Bunny instead of Santa Claus.)

And now, back to more photos.  :D

Random Photos-Look At The Wee Dragon!

I still have dolls patiently awaiting shoes, and then a photo session.  I console myself with the thought that this is still January, and I just haven't properly gotten into the swing of things yet.  I do plan to post regularly soon, at least once a week, as well as get many, many more dolls, toys, and fashion doll outfits sewn up and listed.  But that darn day job, the one that I rely on to pay the rent and car payment, and keep the internet on, yeah, that's been pretty busy.  :D

Enough excuses!

On to the latest little creation, and the subject of today's randon photos.

I just discovered another wonderful pattern creator on Etsy, TypingWithTea.

I purchaed her little dragon pattern, and made up my first of what I anticipate will become a tiny, adorable army very soon.  :)

The pattern has lots of pictures to guide you along, and this little guy was made up in a very short time.  The tiny pieces for the spikes, claws, and horns might generate some cussing, mostly from my losing track of them as I go, but they're definitely the key to the cute factor.  I will definitely be going back to try other patterns soon, but I told myself I must resist while I finish up the multiple of projects I am currently juggling.

So for now, here are some pictures.