pocket pixie

Pocket Pixie Doll With Luxurious Hair I Envy

I stumbled across a plastic bag with a doll in progress.  This happens occasionally in my house.  The poor thing probably had been ignored for months.

So, I pulled her out and finished her up over the last few evenings.  Once again, it was a Ginger Melon pattern, a Pocket Pixie.

I decided to try something a little different with her hair.  Instead of using fingering weight wool, I used DMC floss.  Three full skeins of black went into covering her scalp, and I really like the results.  I hand sewed the strands on, using the same technique I learned when I used to make Raggedy Ann dolls by hand.  It's a nice, secure method.  With the lighter weight floss, it also lays nice, and I could make it pretty thick without getting a "pouf" effect.  I sewed the hair three strands of floss at a time, until I got to the forehead area, and then switched to two strands.

I went with little felt flowers for details on her dress and shoes, instead of my usual embroidery.  Her little hair decoration is felt flowers, too, tied in with white embroidery floss so I can switch it around if I feel like it.

This doll is up for auction on eBay now.  I'm curious to see how long it will take me to sell her.

I'm still working on my little racoon, but he's coming along well, and should be done by the weekend.  The little details on his tail took me a little longer than I expected, plus that darn paying day job getting in the way of my crafting.  :D

I'm also watching the front porch anxiously for a package from Tonner doll.  Once that package arrives, there's going to be lots of photo taking!