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Quick Update-What's In My Craft Queue This Week

No pics with this post, as I don't want to steal the thunder from the seller of the latest doll pattern I bought.  This one is pretty much all for me, since the seller has stated she does not wish completed items made from her pattern to be sold.  While copyright law doesn't actually cover a finished product from a copyrighted pattern (as far as I understand it, and I'm definitely not an expert), it's not in my nature to try to argue such a thing.  Instead, I will respect the pattern designer's wishes, and just enjoy the process all for myself, and then make the occasional gift, or giveaway item.

The new pattern that sparked my "oooh! shiny!" craftsperson's response is a sweet 9.50 inch tall felt girl.  Despite knowing I won't be able to sell the finished item, I couldn't resist the sweet face, and the promise of button joints.  The purchase price of $10 was worth it, for the clever construction of the body and leg to allow for that button joint, the way the head is attached securely to the body while still leaving a slender neck, and the hair.  I am already thinking I will try to modify the pattern a bit for my use, and make the hair into felt wigs that I can swap out quickly.

The doll pattern is available here:, from Etsy seller Soles.  She has a cute Retro Girl doll pattern that I may have to buy just for the glasses.  :)

Otherwise I have a new giraffe felt toy pattern in the works right now, too: from Etsy seller Patchlins.  There are definitely a lot more patterns there I need to buy!  (And I'm allowed to sell the finished items, so woo hoo!)

I am working on a couple of Gingermelon patterns, including a little doll dressed up as a certain grey donkey that many of us grew up with.  I also am nearing the finish line on a pair of Pocket Fox dolls which need custom bride and groom outfits, but those are my weekend project, since I need to concentrate on designing those outfits.

So, no pics, but lots of things in the works!  I'll definitely share pics as I get going on that new doll.  Plus, I will be comparing how polyester fiberfil compares to wool stuffing.  I think this little doll will be a perfect test subject, and then I'll have a pair of dolls at the end! 

GingerMelon's New Pocket Poppet Doll Pattern!

I recently purchased Ginger Melon's latest doll pattern, the Pocket Poppet doll.  This doll is roughly eight inches tall when completed, and has a new "flat foot" design.  Once again, the pattern drafting is very well done, and the instructions easy to follow.  She has even provided a helpful diagram for placing the facial features (which is something I struggle at on every single doll).

I love the new foot design, and am contemplating fiddling with the pattern slightly to allow me to insert a folded pipe cleaner in the doll's torso and legs, and see if she can stand on her own.  The way the head fits onto the body works well, too, with little fuss to get the head to stop wobbling on the neck.

The pattern calls for you to needle felt yarn onto the doll's head.  I may use Tussah silk on a future doll, but for this first one I went to an old standby I used to use for doll hair: Lion's Brand Homespun yarn.  It's soft, and has little less mess to it when using it for doll hair.  The Tussah silk, while lovely, gets everywhere!  I cut lengths of the yarn, but before I felt it (or sew it, depending on the doll) to the scalp, I remove the two or three strands of string that hold the ply together.  Once those are removed, the yarn fluffs up almost like mohair, and is soft and luxurious to the touch.

I went for the sun dress with scalloped sleeves for this first doll.  The pattern calls for a hook and eye closure at the back, which is something that I again struggle with each doll to get right.  I typcially end up with the hook part showing.  To work around this, I added some felt bows along the back for decoration.  The shoe style whips up nice and quick, mimicking a sandal without needing to fiddle and fuss with a tiny strap.

You need to have 7-7.5 mm safety eyes to complete the doll's look.  Everything else is hand embroidered/hand sewn detailing. 

I like how this first one turned out, and am eager to sew up several more right away.  There are lots of outfit choices to try out, too, including a cute Bohemian-inspired outfit, and a giant, floppy hat.

With another day off ahead, I think I can make pretty good use of my time!  :D

This new doll is available for purchase on eBay.

Random Photos Day-Maudlynne Macabre

Tonner's Maudlynne Macabre doll was one I anxiously waited to be released.  When I finally got her, I was smitten.  Those big eyes!  Those worried brows hidden under her bangs!  And she's flexible, and can even stand on her own.

Plus, her back story was one I felt I could relate to.  Basically she's a shy young girl who would rather stay in her room and read than venture out and gasp! meet people!  :D

I made up some tiny toys this weekend, a miniature version of a doll I made last Xmas, and named Blobby Monsters.  I've been making full sized versions, but until the holidays roll around again, they are probably just going to work on taking over at least a corner of the house.

But with the quest to miniaturize Binky Boos, I found myself picking up scraps of felt and fleece, and voila!  A micro/mini Blobby Monster was born.  And Maudlynne seems like a girl who would appreciate them, so I pulled her out for a few random pics.