Pidgin doll

Created Meets Creator

My 1/3 size custom made porcelain Pidgin Doll BJD, Callie, met her fantastic creator, Joshua David McKenney, nearly three years after she was delivered to me. A sweet reunion! She is still one of my favorite dolls in my collection, and the one that means the most to me personally.
Thank you, Joshua! Meeting you and getting this photo made my dream doll even more special.  :)
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Dolls In Sweaters-Pidgin Doll

The 1/3 sized Pidgin doll is being retired by the creator (at least for the foreseeable future), in favor of the lovely 1/6th size.

I am extremely happy I was able to get my 1/3 girl created in time.  She is still lovely as ever, and a fantastic sweater muse.  :D

Raglan Hand Knit Sweater For Pidgin Doll

My Pidgin doll, Callie, is quickly amassing a bigger knit wardrobe than I have.  :)


I knit this raglan sweater for her on size 4 US DPNs, using Woolike Simli-Laine yarn in a burgundy color.  (This has become my "go to" yarn for knitting doll items, lately.  It has a bit of stretch, and the colors are perfect for fall.)

I used The Incredible, Custom-fit Raglan Sweater worksheet provided by  I was a bit nervous the cuffs and neckline wouldn't fit over fingers and neck by the time I was done, but the pattern definitely works! 

I did a very simple neckline on this one, knitting in stockinette stitch for ten rounds, and letting "stockinette curl" do its thing.  Next sweater I will try a ribbed neckline, and maybe short sleeves.

Of course, my lovely Callie is a custom made Pidgin doll from the very talented (and very nice!) Joshua David McKenney.  I still need to do a proper review, and hope to get to it this weekend.  I've had her nearly two weeks, and love her even more than I thought I would when I decided two years ago that the Pidgin doll was "the one".  :)

Steven Monster Loves My Pidgin Doll

I received my gorgeous, one of a kind, Pidgin ( doll last week, and have been busy knitting her a hat, a scarf, and a sweater.  I still need to do a full review of her, but for now, here are some sweet pics of her with my Steven Monster.  :)