Binky Boo And The Giant Cupcake

Here's a new Binky Boo Kitty, posing next to an awesome felt cupcake made by Fake A Cake.

Since Facebook is messing with business/public pages' ability to post photos, either to their own timeline, or to other public pages to share, looks like my website will start getting busier.  :D

Three New Pocket Poppet Dolls

Time has flown by, but I at least finally got some pics taken of the stash of Pocket Poppet dolls I've had ready for a while now.

I also made up two dolls from the last pattern I purchased with the button leg joints, the one I can't actually sell.  I did one stuffed with polyester fiberfil, and the other stuffed with pure wool.  I'll get photos of both done hopefully by the end of this upcoming weekend, and do a comparison of working with polyster versus wool stuffing. 

But for now, here are three new Pocket Poppet dolls, ready for purchase in my Etsy store.  :)

Some New Dolls Completed Over The Weekend!

With the holidays looming, and my decision that I needed to try a craft bazaar again this December (after nearly a decade of avoiding the stress), I finally got back into the swing of sewing this weekend.  Plus, I actually had a few things caught up that actually gave me time to sew, but I'll still count it as a win in the "initiative" column.  :D