Coming Soon!-Fake Book Covers For Your Dolls

It's great to have miniature copies of classic novels, and favorite books for your dolls to be reading in photo stories, or in dioramas.  One of my favorite miniature book makers for twelve inch fashion doll size is Poppy's  Petites on Etsy.  She can make a miniature version of pretty much any book you can find, for reasonable rates, too.

But I haven't really found a source for 1/3 sized doll miniature books.  Plus, there are times when I just want parody, and then see how long it takes someone to notice.

So I have created my very first fake book cover, with plans for more as sleep deprivation inspires.  I have a couple of other ideas in my head right now, and hope to make them up within the next week.  At that point, I will launch a new section in my Etsy store, Fake Book Covers.

Here is a preview of the first "classic":  Disinterest In The Days Of Dysentery by Notta Realwriter.