Clearly A Bucket Of Nope!

Now available, your very own Clearly A Bucket Of Nope!

Each Nope is hand sewn out of wool blend felt, stuffed with polyster fiberfill, with hand sewn and embroidered face details.

There are three varieties of Nope to choose from. 

The Common Two Horned Nope.

The Elusive Three Horned Nope.

The Rare Royal Nope.

Each Nope comes in a clear bucket with a tag describing the variety of Nope you purchased.

These would be perfect sitting at your desk, at your sales counter, on your windowsill, or anywhere a situation where "Nope!" is an appropriate response.

Not sure what a Nope is yet?  Check out more information on the Nope's dedicated page here.  :D

Get your own Clearly A Bucket Of Nope, and individual Nopes in my Etsy store here