New Species Of Felt Creature Discovered!

When I sew past my normal bedtime, fueled by a strong cup of espresso I knew I shouldn't have drank so late in the evening, this is what I come up with:

The Common Two Horned NOPE.

I anticipate the discovery of more of these NOPES in the near future, and a new category in my Etsy store.  :D

For those who may not be able to read my sloppy handwriting, here is the text from the photo:

The Common Two Horned NOPE!

Frequently found in Monday mornings (especially after a long weekend), rain on a camping trip, decaffeinated coffee in a caffeine-addict's mug, and in your first instinctive response to being asked to help someone's cousin move across town.

This one was collected after an unually warm evening without air conditioning.

It is currently in stasis, pending the next set of annoying or unreasonable circumstances.