Sweaters To Keep The Spring Chill Away

Once again the days have flown by.  I've been able to post things to my Facebook page, but a post to my website has eluded me.

So, what have I been doing the last few weeks?  I have been thoroughly distracted with knitting tiny sweaters.  I found a great free pattern on Ravelry that I just keep knitting.  Pretty soon I'll have it memorized!

I've been knitting using mostly laceweight yarn on size US 1 double pointed needles.  I've also used fingering weight yarn for two, but don't have handy pics of those.  I also just finished a lovely lilac purple sweater in laceweight yarn on size US 0.

The laceweight yarn has all been from my favorite reclaimed yarn seller on Etsy, Penelope's Fine Yarns.  She has such a great variety of colors, and such good prices!

I'm now onto a birthday project this week, an Einstein Doll, but I know I will be right back to more doll sweaters after that.  The end results fit well on 12" fashion dolls like Tonner's Tiny Kitty, and Fashion Royalty's Poppy Parker, and also on 10" dolls lke Tonner's Patsy, and Bambicrony Lottie.  But I'm thrilled with how great they fit on the 8" Pocket Poppet dolls I've been making!

So here's a ton of photos of what I've been spending my time on the last few weeks.  :)

This sweater was knit on size US 0 DPNs.

Tiny Kitty Collier models this one knit on US 1 DPNs, in a fingering weight turquoise merino.

Knit on size US 1 DPNs, modelled on a Pocket Poppet doll.

Size US 1 DPNs.

Another Pocket Poppet doll models.