Quick Update-What's In My Craft Queue This Week

No pics with this post, as I don't want to steal the thunder from the seller of the latest doll pattern I bought.  This one is pretty much all for me, since the seller has stated she does not wish completed items made from her pattern to be sold.  While copyright law doesn't actually cover a finished product from a copyrighted pattern (as far as I understand it, and I'm definitely not an expert), it's not in my nature to try to argue such a thing.  Instead, I will respect the pattern designer's wishes, and just enjoy the process all for myself, and then make the occasional gift, or giveaway item.

The new pattern that sparked my "oooh! shiny!" craftsperson's response is a sweet 9.50 inch tall felt girl.  Despite knowing I won't be able to sell the finished item, I couldn't resist the sweet face, and the promise of button joints.  The purchase price of $10 was worth it, for the clever construction of the body and leg to allow for that button joint, the way the head is attached securely to the body while still leaving a slender neck, and the hair.  I am already thinking I will try to modify the pattern a bit for my use, and make the hair into felt wigs that I can swap out quickly.

The doll pattern is available here:  https://www.etsy.com/listing/179144339/doll-sewing-pattern-vintage-girl-pdf?ref=listing-shop-header-2, from Etsy seller Soles.  She has a cute Retro Girl doll pattern that I may have to buy just for the glasses.  :)

Otherwise I have a new giraffe felt toy pattern in the works right now, too:  https://www.etsy.com/transaction/185170776?ref=fb2_tnx_title from Etsy seller Patchlins.  There are definitely a lot more patterns there I need to buy!  (And I'm allowed to sell the finished items, so woo hoo!)

I am working on a couple of Gingermelon patterns, including a little doll dressed up as a certain grey donkey that many of us grew up with.  I also am nearing the finish line on a pair of Pocket Fox dolls which need custom bride and groom outfits, but those are my weekend project, since I need to concentrate on designing those outfits.

So, no pics, but lots of things in the works!  I'll definitely share pics as I get going on that new doll.  Plus, I will be comparing how polyester fiberfil compares to wool stuffing.  I think this little doll will be a perfect test subject, and then I'll have a pair of dolls at the end!