New Items Listed-Bunnies and Ponies and Dragons (Oh, My!)

Okay, only one pony, but still, I finally got pictures taken of some of my newly finished toys, and have them in my Etsy store.

The little bunnies are just the right size for many sixteen inch fashion dolls to cuddle, and even twelve inch dolls.  Your doll needs a bunny, right?  After all, Easter is coming up!

I still can't get enough of the wee dragons, and will definitely keep making more.  The latest entries are in greens and blues.

The new pony continues the color scheme, in a lovely mint green with teal blue mane and tail.

I have more bunnies to photograph, and Pocket Poppets, but between the paying job, my limited photography skills and rather crummy weather leading to crummy indoor lighting, it will be another few days before I get those needed pics taken.

In the meantime, here are some photos of my latest offerings.