New Dress For Victoire Roux

Doll Photography By Sharon Wright gave me some motivation to finally make my Fashion Royalty Victoire Roux doll a new dress.  She put out an "all call" for designers to send her a dress that she may be able to use in an upcoming photo shoot she landed for a fashion magazine.

Now, there's definitely no guarantee this will be used by her for that photo shoot, or any she has in mind.  But the possibility, and the theme she suggested of "Fantasy Princess" (on the dark side of things!) got the creative juices going.

I have a ton of doll clothes patterns, but typically I purchase them for inspiration and instruction more than actually planning to make those specific clothes.  The few fashion doll outfits I've made over the last year or two have been done on a whim.  I've had a piece of fabric I liked, started draping it on a doll, and then started hand sewing.

That's definitely the case with this one.  I had a red fabric that feels like upholstery weight, with a light pattern.  In general I knew I wanted a big, voluminous skirt and a corset style bodice, so I started folding and stitching.  It took me roughly four hours by my estimation, over two days.  I finished up hand sewing the skirt into shape/place this afternoon.

I had a few props I added for interest, including the sword, funky "belt", and a necklace intended for an American Model or Super Dollfie sized doll.  The boots I've had for years.

Sharon Wright is a busy lady, but extremely nice, too.  She sounded excited to see the dress and props, and even if she can't use them in her upcoming shoot, she offered to still take a picture of the dress for me to use.  Definitely a class act!

I'm excited to see how she photographs the dress, no matter the use.  If you're not already following her page on Facebook, if you're a fan of dolls, or photography, you really need to!

So here are my pics, including one using Sharon Wright's nifty doll suspension stand.  It was nice to not have to have my doll constantly leaning against the wall for a photo.  :D

And now my favorite one of the set I took-where I added some lighting effects in Photoshop: