5Star Doll Becca

I ordered through Denver Doll Emporium's awesome layaway program a 5Star Doll Becca in gray resin, without a faceup.

She arrived last week, and here are some highlights of the photos I took of her "de-boxing".  

She is a lovely grey resin.  It's a light clor, and the resin is very smooth.  There are no seam lines to worry about on this doll, so when I go to do her body blushing and faceup, I won't have to do any sanding first.

She also came dressed in a bra and panties, instead of "nekkid", which I thought was a nice extra.

She came very tightly strung, which is good and bad.  Good because she will pose well immediately out of the box, but because her head was not installed by the factory, it caused me a little grief when I tried to attach her head.  There will be pics to come of that outcome, but suffice it to say, attaching the head will be a two person job for me, because I don't have the strength on my own to stretch the elastic enough while simultaneously getting the head and the S hook into the correct position.

For the base price of $248, plus modest shipping from Denver Doll Emporium, I am extremely pleased with this purchase.  For this price, I feel much braver attempting a full faceup and body blushing on my own.

The doll came with light purple eyes, which with the grey just aren't quite dark enough.  They will do for now, however, until I can order a new set of 16mm eyes from the Etsy seller I've purchased two sets from already.

Stay tuned for more photos on my progress.  I am doing this mostly for my benefit, but also in case anyone else may be able to learn from my mistakes as I go along.  :)

I have a ton more pictures here:  Picture Gallery