Random Photos Day-Maudlynne Macabre

Tonner's Maudlynne Macabre doll was one I anxiously waited to be released.  When I finally got her, I was smitten.  Those big eyes!  Those worried brows hidden under her bangs!  And she's flexible, and can even stand on her own.

Plus, her back story was one I felt I could relate to.  Basically she's a shy young girl who would rather stay in her room and read than venture out and gasp! meet people!  :D

I made up some tiny toys this weekend, a miniature version of a doll I made last Xmas, and named Blobby Monsters.  I've been making full sized versions, but until the holidays roll around again, they are probably just going to work on taking over at least a corner of the house.

But with the quest to miniaturize Binky Boos, I found myself picking up scraps of felt and fleece, and voila!  A micro/mini Blobby Monster was born.  And Maudlynne seems like a girl who would appreciate them, so I pulled her out for a few random pics.