Random Photos Day-Horsman Urban Vita

Look at me, labelling this post as "Random Photos Day", as if it's something I've ever done before. :D

But, this could easily become a "thing". I love to snap photos of my dolls, so why not share some when they turn out at least halfway decent?

I currently am using a Canon G12 for the majority of my photos. My hubby has a Canon Rebel, an older model (I can't think of the version off the top of my head, but we've had it for at least five years now, maybe seven), which I am encouraged to use when I feel the need. I sometimes go through the extra time and hassle to pull it out and use, but often I just want a few quick pics while the mood is upon me. Plus, using the professional level camera makes me feel like I should pull out all the stops and set up our mini photo box, and take "proper" pictures.

So in lieu of the extra steps, I normally opt to set up my makeshift photo stage, consisting of two pieces of foamboard duct taped together with cardboard on the back of one to keep it standing upright. I drape that with grey fleece, which seems to work the best for most shots. Or, in the case of these photos, I'll pull out pieces from my giant stash of scrapbook paper for backdrops. With the G12, I just use the "auto" settings, which normally turn out well as long as I have good light coming into my office that day.

So here are a few photos of my lovely Horsman Urban Vita "My Valentine" doll. I love the wig she came with, and those big earrings. She looks 1920's-era glamorous, but still modern. She's wearing a sweater I knit up on a whim.

And now for my favorite picture of My Valentine I took today:

Click picture for larger image