Another New Trio-Two Foxes And A Bunny

Sewing, knitting, or pretty much any handcraft really helps me relax, especially on a weekend after a longer, more hectic than normal, week.

This weekend garnered me three new dolls, again from Ginger Melon's patterns.  Her Binky Boo pattern is still as addictive as ever, and works up faster with each doll I make.  Her Pocket Fox pattern is just darn cute.

I really liked how the gold and green came together on the little fox.  And the coordinating shades of blue on the Binky Boos were unintentional, but pretty cool after the fact.

My current work in project is the Parkland Racoon.  I'm going for more realistic colors on my first attempt, with grey felt and black details.  I'm also trying it with fusible fleece on the cotton fabric, rather than using Fray Check.  It's a personal preference for me, and so far I think it is working pretty well.  I'm hopeful to have the little guy completed this evening or tomorrow so I can get pictures up.  If I can just keep from stabbing myself in the finger with my scissors from here on out, that would be great.  *nurses the puncture wound on her finger where she misjudged the amount of force needed to poke through several layers of fabric*  :D