New Tonner Doll Joins My Collection-Perfect Morning Cami

I was lucky enough to have some funds when Tonner Doll had a 15% off plus free shipping sale about a week ago.  I've been eyeing the Cami dolls for a while, ever since I first saw her as Cinderella.  So when I could get one for under $50 with shipping, I jumped at the chance.  I purchased Tonner's Perfect Morning Cami, redhead.

I have realized I love red heads when it comes to my dolls.  I look around my collection, and several either came as redheads (rooted), or with red wigs (both from the factory, and from me purchasing red wigs to swap).  I did debate between the brunette and the red head, but there's something about that red hair that called to me more.

She comes with a sweet stretch tank/shorts outfit.  Normally I just sell off the outfit on the basic dolls, but this one is very versatile, and I think I will keep it, at least for now.  It doesn't have any goofy frills that don't fit my style.  :D

Her neck isn't extremely posable, but that seems to be the case for any doll that isn't a full BJD.  Her arms are very flexible, however, and she can reach up to touch her hair without it looking awkward.

I believe she shares the same body as Antoinette, which is wonderful for me since I needed to do a "fire sale" on some of my dolls recently, and the Antoinette I had was one I had to sacrifice to pay some bills.  I still want to get an Antoinette again, but I'm glad to have the similar body type to sew for.  While Antoinette has smaller, more realistic eyes, Cami's are big and wide, reminding me of Ellowyne Wilde.  But she also has a slightly bigger, wider face, and everything is in scale.  She has a great personality, and I think will become one of my favorite dolls to photograph.