A New Obsession Begins!

I scored sweet Tonner Patsy's New Year from eBay. I knew I'd love her. She truly is more adorable than photos can show.

Even better, this version of Patsy has a removable wig. I won't have to fight against glue like the basic versions I am impatiently waiting on shipping date information for.

Her outfit is beautiful, and very well made. Sometimes you get a dressed doll and the outfit feels like an afterthought.

I can hardly wait for one of the new basic Patsy dolls to be released. I will be very interested to compare a basic Patsy to this West Coast Luncheon exclusive. If they at least have as expressive of eyes as this lovely girl, I will be thrilled.

Now off to introduce Patsy to Ann Estelle. Other than Patsy having knees that bend, they share the same body sculpt. It will be fun to make outfits for them to swap. And they definitely will need a custom doll room with furniture at some point in the future!

Let the obsession over this new doll commence! :D