Awesome custom made stamp!

I'm probably getting ahead of myself, but I ordered a custom made stamp just for Fashionable Figures.  I can stamp my own business cards (in small quantities, on custom paper), stamp up my own coupons, price tags, packing/wrapping materials, etc., and have it all contain the pertinent information I want people to have.

And best yet, total cost even with shipping was around $28.00.  I don't think I could purchase a mass produced stamp of this size (3.5 inches by 1.5 inches) with this level of detail in a store for that!

I ordered this from an Etsy seller, JLMould, finally choosing one of her listings after sifting through a lot of other seller options.  This is a laser cut stamp so the small text was possible (versus hand carved).  Plus, that also reduced the turnaround time.  I ordered the stamp on August 25th, and it arrived Sept 4th (with Monday the 3rd being a "no mail" holiday).  

The ordering process was also very easy (although you do have to leave Etsy's site to go to her nifty portal).  You upload the graphic you want made into a stamp, specify any extra instructions, and go from there.  Since I already had my graphic designed out exactly the way I wanted it, and sized to fit the stamp (and made at 600 dpi resolution), I think that saved me a few days.  If you needed her assistance to tweak or even design the graphic, naturally that would add time.  But you have all the instructions/specification at your fingertips, both on the Etsy listing, and at the ordering portal, so nothing should be confusing.  Unless, of course, graphics just aren't your thing, and things like "DPI" sound like a weird disease you should have been immunized against as a child.  :D

I have JLMould "favorited" on Etsy, because I know I will eventually want/need more sizes and graphic combinations.  I had been holding my breath to see how my stamp would look, and how well it would work in actual use, and I couldn't be more pleased!

Of course now I need to craft some more items for sale so I can replenish even that relatively small price back into my budget. And I think some of my dolls are feeling more than a little neglected these last few busy days... :D