Sweater Weather!

I love this time of year.  It's not quite fall, but the weather is cooling down enough to dress in layers and not always be at the bottom one.

The dolls are modeling two new offerings currently on eBay.  Lately I've been favoring the Wilde Imagination dolls, especially Amber.  But this time Prudence got in on the fun, too.

One is a green cardigan sweater I've had nearly done for quite a while.  Sewing snaps and buttons on is not my favorite task, but I finally got them on.  I like how clingy this one is.  It was really meant to be a sweater with a back closure, but I messed up the neckline a little, and it just looks so much better as a cardigan instead.

With the dark wig and her dark eyes, Amber loooks so good in this dark green.  The yarn is from Stricken Smitten, a fingering weight yarn I believe was called Glow Worm.  It's sadly sold out (her yarns sell out fast!), but I believe I have enough to make another doll sweater down the road.  :D

The second is a stripey sweater that I started recently, for Prudence.  Lots of fun stripes, and a nice big neckline.  Even sleeveless, it looks like it would be pretty cozy.

This is another reclaimed/recycled yarn project.  There is a lot of Penelope's Fine Yarns, plus the silver is from Keystone Art and Craft.  All luscious and a joy to knit with.

I've already cast on for a new sweater, but I'm still not sure where I'm headed with it.  I was thinking of trying something with a ruffled hem, but as with my other doll knits, I'll see where it ends up.  :D