New Sweater Dress For Fairyland Puki Puki

My little Fairyland Puki Puki Flora has exhibited so much patience with me. She's had a haphazardly constructed green dress that didn't fit her properly, and didn't even have a snap to keep it closed in the back. This has been the case for well over a year, poor thing.

But over the weekend I had a meeting I didn't need to participate in, but still needed to be there, so I brought my knitting needles. I'm fairly impressed with myself that I eyeballed the general fit of this, and knit it off the top of my head. The first and only fitting was done after I'd finished it. But knitting a simple dress like this is pretty forgiving.

It's a bit longer than I wanted, and the neckline needed to be a little "shallower", but it still looks cute on her. And it's an actual, truly finished dress, just for her, so Flora is happy, which makes me happy.

Now I'm off to drink more coffee and contemplate how concerned I should be that the happiness of my dolls has such an impact on me... :D

Flora constantly looks up. She's a 'postive outlook' kind of girl.

On occasion Flora does have her 'diva' moments. Here she is trying to 'vogue' for the camera. :D