Stripes. There Will Be So Many Stripes...

I have so many bits and bobs of wonderful laceweight yarn, I just started knitting up yet another doll sweater.  After the little fitting fiasco of the red silk one I intended for an Ellowyne doll, but became a Fashion Royalty sweater dress instead, I started off with 18 extra stitches on my cast on, for 72 total.  I did a 2 x 2 rib at the hem, so it's nice and stretchy.  I also learned my lesson, and will not do an i-cord edging, especially at the neckline and armholes (if sleeveless) without going up at least two needles sizes!  I'm sure there are much better edging techniques, but I haven't dedicated myself to learning any new ones for my repertoire.

At first I was going to do solid purple, but the little bits of color in one of my myriad of knitting boxes kept calling to me.  So next went a lovely silver, then this gorgeous russet red I'm using on the current stripe.  Next may be the teal blue, then green, and then we'll see from there.

I am picturing this as a sweater for Wilde Imagination's Prudence.  I think all of these stripes will suit her personality well.  This will most likely be a long sweater, with the hemline at mid calf, because I want to get lots of stripes in.  I'm not sure how I'll do the sleeves or neckline yet, but as with my previous "for the heck of it" knitted doll items, I'll figure it out when I get to that point.

And if you haven't checked out Penelope's Fine Yarns yet, you're really missing out!  Even if you wouldn't knit an adult sweater out of laceweight cashmere, why deny yourself the pleasure of working with a luxury yarn?  A lot of her skeins are the perfect amount for a doll sized item, and very reasonably priced. 

I've been a customer of hers for well over a year now, and have lots of her yarns in my stash.  There's something about having cashmere, silk, and fine merino yarn glide through your fingertips.  It's cheaper than therapy!  And considering how much my dolls "talk" to me, I'm sure friends and family have at least thought about my therapy needs... :D