Tiny, Doll Sized Socks!

Even dolls need a pair of luxury socks.  This first attempt turned out to be green reclaimed cashmere socks.

These were knit on size 0 US needles, with a laceweight yarn once again provided by Penelope's Fine Yarns.  It's a nice shade of green, more blue undertones than yellow.  They are simple socks with ribbing at the top, but they aren't tube socks.  Oh no, these have a tiny little heel!

The socks are knit from the toe up, so I can gauge how long I want to make each one before I will run out of yarn.  I have a lot of little skeins that are perfect for doll items, so I envision a lot more socks in the near future.  The pattern being easy to memorize makes this a great project for tv watching, or to have in my purse if I suspect I'm going to be waiting around for anything for any reason.

This pair of socks is up on eBay.  Hopefully this will be another item I can make to help offset the cost of living in general, and doll collecting specifically.  :D

Now I need to get to work and try to ignore the indignant glances I keep getting from Ellowyne and Sydney.  They got a taste of cashmere socks, and now they want their own.  They've already pointed out that it would be impractical for me to knit myself a pair, and that they have been modelling for free, so, you know, some kind of compensation is in order.  Soon.  :D