Little Luxuries

Sometimes I just need the relaxation of knitting something simple. In this case it's a blanket made out of recycled cashmere in a mallard duck blue. Simple pattern, nothing to memorize, and the cashmere feels wonderful against my fingers as I knit.

I would never be able to afford a full size cashmere blanket for myself, but my dolls are very willing to take advantage of their relatively inexpensive desires in my stead. It's a great way to get the opportunity to knit with 100% cashmere, and being recycled it's friendly to the environment.

Make sure to check out Penelope's Fine Yarns on Etsy. She has a ton of variety, including merino, cashmere, silk cashmere blends and more. And her prices are very reasonable, especially for the quality yarn you get. She includes several samples when you make a purchase from her, which helps you decide "yay or nay" on that other color you were eying. She is awesome to work with!

Now back to work for me so I can continue to afford even these little luxuries!