Marilyn Monroe-Glamour Girl

It's hard to resist taking even more photos of Tonner's Marilyn Monroe.  This time she borrowed the outfit from Horsman Urban Vita's My Valentine.  The dress fits a bit more snugly around the hips, but because the fabric of the dress is stretchy I was able to get it on her without difficulty (or risk to the dress!).

I hope to start taking measurements between my 16 inch fashion dolls soon, and post a comparison chart.  This will be mostly for my use as I forge onward in my attempts to be a doll seamstress, but I figure it would be useful information for other folks, too.

Now to restore my dolls into their original outfits so I don't have any fights on my hands.  And perhaps I should have more coffee, since the dolls seem more anthromorphized than usual to me...  :D