Time For Some New Fall Clothes

There are some gorgeous colors out right now. With the  weather getting colder and the leaves falling, I'm back in love with heathered purples and greens, tempered with greys and black.  I'm also loving the knit fabrics out.  Some are so soft they're pure luxury, even if they are a total pain in the behind to work with.

After attending a fashion show at Bellevue Square last week, I'm thoroughly inspired now.  I especially want to make some doll sized tights.  That green and plum will be a great pop of color with a wool skirt and sweater.  The black would make a nice knit top, or a lovely, clingy wraparound dress.

Plus, I have a new doll arriving that has been an agonizing several months wait while I chipped away at the layaway bill. He is going to need some loungewear while I work on his wardrobe! I'll post pics and more information after he arrives safe and sound, and I get him clothed.  Just a hint, he's a SD sized BJD doll.  Those familiar with these lovely resin dolls also know how anatomically correct they can be.  I'm a prude, and just can't handle a "nekkid" manly doll in the house.  :D

Now off to do all the chores I have been avoiding.  Including finishing up a couple of doll sized sweaters after I still didn't learn my lesson about leaving enough room in the neckline to get it on the doll...  *sigh*